The move would greatly strengthen the negotiating and political position of the alliance and would make it better positioned to respond to crises. While each nation is entitled to choose their defense alliance, joining NATO would increase the ability of rich countries to respond to crises in the future. By adding Finland and Sweden to the alliance, the two countries would be able to join NATO with serious military capabilities and a direct border with Russia. The move would also further solidify the alliance and give it a stronger negotiating position against Russian destabilization and aggression.

In addition to their commitment to the fight against terrorism, both Sweden and Finland could become NATO members as early as this summer if they gain the consent of other members. Turkey, which has long opposed the enlargement of the Alliance, has been critical of the Nordic countries. It has said that the Nordic countries shouldn’t bother sending delegations to Ankara if they aren’t going to get their way. But it’s too late now to stop the ascension of Sweden and Finland, The Times reports.

In addition to their commitment to the organization, Finland and Sweden’s recent polling have shown that public opinion has shifted considerably. The latest Finns’ polling shows that 62 percent of the population now supports NATO, while only 16 percent oppose it. The same thing happened in Sweden, where the majority of the population is now positive about NATO. In Sweden, the number of those who support the move has increased from 22 percent in 2017 to 59 percent in 2018.

In the meantime, the ratification process could take four to eight months. The process of ratification requires the ratification of the application by all 30 Nato member states. Once the two countries have met the criteria, the countries can sign up to NATO. There is no timeline on when both countries will become Nato members, but it’s unlikely to be any sooner.

A third issue raised by Turkey and Sweden is the region’s climate and resources. The Arctic is a point of tension as countries such as Turkey and China are competing for resources and studying climate change. It would be beneficial for NATO to adopt a comprehensive Arctic policy that addresses the security issues faced by the region. And the decision will be a huge step forward. But the time is right to make a decision about this issue.

Meanwhile, the Russia-Ukraine conflict has damaged the global economy and the stability of many countries. The situation in Europe has become increasingly unstable, and Russia has threatened to move its nuclear weapons to the Baltic region. In the meantime, the United States and Russia must find new enemies. The decision to join NATO has implications for both countries’ domestic politics and for the world economy. With that said, Finland and Sweden have made the right decision for the sake of their own national security.