French President Emmanuel Macron has backed Sweden’s decision to apply for membership in NATO, which would mark the largest change in European security in decades. The decision comes after the social democrat minority government of Sweden formally announced its desire to join the alliance, following in the footsteps of neighboring Finland. As the conflict in Ukraine rages, the move could transform the geopolitical landscape of northern Europe.

Earlier in the day, the U.S. announced its permanent bolstering of its military presence in Europe. The new Strategic Concept highlights the deterioration in alliance relations with Russia over the past decade. Three years ago, NATO was on the brink of “brain death”. Since then, Russia has reawakened its sense of purpose by waging war in Ukraine. On Wednesday, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy told NATO leaders that Ukraine should have a place in the European security architecture.

The EU and NATO are trying to ratify Sweden’s decision to join the alliance. But it can take a year for parliaments to approve the decision. Turkey has threatened to veto the decision if the Nordic countries don’t change their stance on the Kurdish rebel groups in Syria. But it’s important to remember that this process is based on consensus. After all, the alliance operates by consensus, so even if one country opposes it, others will likely vote in favor of it.

France and Sweden have a shared vision for Europe’s neighbourhood. They are committed to maintaining stability in the region, and a greater US military presence in Europe is essential to ensuring the safety of Europe. Macron is also addressing the threat of Russian Federation invasion of Ukraine. In fact, the US and Europe have agreed to boost their military presence in the region. However, they need to work harder to hold their allies accountable when they engage in disruptive behaviour.

France’s President Emmanuel Macron says nothing regarding Ukraine will be decided without the Ukrainians. This means that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy must make a decision before he can engage in negotiations with Russia. The German government has insisted that tapping new natural gas sources won’t undermine their climate goals. In addition, the German government is also pushing the idea of a “climate club” where members would set common standards on greenhouse gas emissions and agree not to impose tariffs on each other.

The three leaders arrived in Kyiv as air raid sirens blared. The US, Sweden and Germany have all pledged to send weapons to Ukraine, but the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says all three countries are not doing enough to resolve the conflict in the east of the country. Zelensky has criticised Macron and Scholz, saying they are appeasing Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The European Union must grant Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia candidate status immediately. This will help them to fight the Russian invasion. In addition to these moves, the EU needs to decide on its future enlargement plans. The EU will also support Ukraine in its quest to join NATO. He also echoed the message that the EU needs to protect its European allies from the Russians.