Mr. Mwenenge’s partners became suspects after sending $34 million to one of their businesses’ account after the new Angolan president sacked dos Santos.

Mr. Konema Mwenenge, Isabel dos Santos, and Sindika Dokolo got their assets frozen due to public assets embezzlements.

Dos Santos’ Angolan public funds embezzlements led to a big change in the history of her family. Several thousands of documents were recovered during the investigation, and here are some samples:

José Eduardo dos Santos ruled Angolan for about 38 years. His daughter Isabel dos Santos was always in charge of most public assets during his presence on the Angolan presidential seat. Starting from Sonangol, the Angolan National Oil and Gas Company.

Angola is the second country producing oil in the whole of sub-Saharan Africa and Isabel was the director of this public oil; many will think that was the only Angolan public asset she controlled. But she had several public assets she controlled, starting from diamonds, cement, and more, all thanks to her father.

Dos Santos, her husband, and their manager, Mr. Konema Mwenenge, are now suspected of embezzling the Angolan public funds to boost their businesses.

Mr. Mwgene connected with the couple’s business due to his relationship with dos Santos’ husband in their high school days. Mr. Mwgene was known for his nonsocial and discrete character. So Mr. Mwegene was a perfect choice to conceal their corruption. Mr. Mwegene handled the couple’s business while they act as the invisible shareholders.

In 2007 dos Santos’ father’s regime ended and the new Angolan President got to the presidential seat. The new president sacked dos Santos for the long-time seat as she has been controlling the oil for several years.

After some hours dos Santos was sacked, she transfered several millions of dollars to one of her businesses Mr. Mwenenge manages. She was later spotted in this embezzlement act and was questioned for a reason. All she said was that her business rendered a service to Sonangol, and she just made the payment. The Angolan government then started with probation to look into her past money laundry act.

Above 7 hundred thousands of documents were discovered for her previous transactions, and she was spotteds to be involved with several public funds embezzlement.

In response to Mr. Mwenenge’s partner’s corruption, the Angolan authorities collaborated with the Dubai authorities to freeze the three business partners’ accounts in their possession. Angolan authorities did this to recover the public assets embezzled through corruption.

According to the Dubai Financial Intelligence, several banks have implemented the request, and examples of such banks are the Emirates NBD (The National Bank of Dubai). Several other banks in Dubai are also working toward the Angolan authorities’ request.