If you are following Luanda leaks, this article will interest you.

One of the asset managers, in an email dated May 20, 2016, warns that companies with Isabel or Sindika as sole beneficiaries has been subject to more frequent Dutch authorities checks. Dokolo mocks what he calls the contempt for Western banks institutions by referring to the suspicious African haves.

Mr. Dokolo only trusts his wife and a high school friend. Konema Mwenenge is hardworking and skilled at offshore finance. According to the Luanda leaks, almost everywhere that “Sindika”, invests, Konema takes a management role and lends his name for the couple’s Shell companies. French citizen of Congolese descent, Konema is also the son of an aristocrat from Mobutu Sese. He doesn’t like social events. “Sindika, the “show-off” Oligarch. According to a source close to Konema, Konema has a more rigorous side.”

Mwenge works from a Paris address in the eighth district, but also from London where he established one of his financial service companies. He has also established a Dubai diamond trading platform with Mr. Dokolo. This platform boasts a $2 billion annual value in gems from Angola as well as other countries.

Konema Mwenenge can be found everywhere. He provided invoices worth nearly $3 million to Sodiba Angolan brewery between October 2015 and February 2017. According to an October 2016 presentation brochure found in the “Luanda leaks,” Dr. Sindika Dokolo and Engineer Isabel dos Santos are the “Angolan shareholders” of record.

This is why Mr. Mwenge uses six companies offshore that he represents without asking any questions from the accountants or law firms with which he has exchanged. These are simply “shareholder loans”, he says. It did not raise any questions about Mr. Mwenge’s British Virgin Islands-registered companies, which are taking on more than $5million in consulting contracts.

Mwenenge refused to respond when contacted.