A Russian general has been killed in eastern Ukraine, a report from state-run Russian media indicates. This is the first time this has happened in the conflict. According to the report, Russia’s invading forces are closing in on the cities in Ukraine. It has also announced that it has made gains in key southern towns like Mariupol. The report further states that the Russians have surrounded the city of Kharkiv, which is the capital of the region.

The Ukrainian military has confirmed that the Russian general has been killed. He was the commander of the 8th General Army of the Southern Military District of the Russian Armed Forces. The Ukrainian military also claimed that a Russian general was killed, but this has not been confirmed by the Kremlin. The Russian defense ministry released audio of two FSB officers discussing the death.

The report also states that the war in Ukraine is increasing the suffering of millions of people in the country, and is impacting the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change. The UN Global Crisis Response Group says the war has aggravated the global cost-of-living crisis and is undermining the UN’s 2030 target to end extreme poverty. This is a blatant attempt by Russia to impose its will through annexation of Ukraine.

A Russian state media reporter has reported that a Russian general was killed in eastern Ukraine, but the report did not specify the location where the death occurred. However, Russian state media has not acknowledged this report and has yet to comment. In addition, Russian forces are stepping up their attacks to seize the city of Severodonetsk, a key area in the eastern Donbas region. The Russian military has already failed to capture the capital city of Kyiv, which was taken by the Ukrainians early on in the war.

The Russian military has continued to push west in eastern Ukraine, encircling the twin cities of Lysychansk and Severodonetsk. The city of Luhansk is partially occupied by Russian forces, but it is still not completely encircled. According to the Institute for Study of War, the Russian forces are still waiting to take the city.

The former Ukrainian defense minister has called for a no-fly zone over eastern Ukraine. Although it may lead to civilian deaths, he acknowledged that it could help avert a humanitarian crisis and prevent an even greater number of war dead. Nevertheless, some analysts are skeptical of such a plan. However, the government should not rush into such an agreement. The conflict in eastern Ukraine will continue for many years to come.

The attack on the city of Donetsk was a war crime, and Amnesty International said that there is no proof the theatre was a base of operations for Ukrainian soldiers. The Donetsk Academic Regional Drama Theatre was a safe haven for civilians after weeks of bombardment. The organization used satellite imagery to pinpoint the location of the theater.